This is not a "test". We are not trying to determine if you understand the Couples Coaching Couples distinctions or if you know you want to become a Member Couple. It is intended for your couple to use to determine if your couple is a good fit. If you are seriously considering joining CCC we would ask that you put your name and email address on the form below so that when we talk with you we can refer to this self-assessment.

If you have any questions after or before taking the self-assessment please contact us.

CCC Self-Assessment
CCC inlcudes people from diverse backgrounds including sexual orientation, religion, political views, race and nationality.
eg: Therapy, Marriage Encounter, Landmark Education, Encounter Group, Lifespring, Insight Seminars, New Warriors, Impact, etc.
Coaching is not giving advice or solving problems. It is about helping the other couple see the barriers in their way to having the results they want.
All members participate in weekly coaching calls with another couple. These coaching calls last for approximately one hour (time may vary).
In CCC, coaching calls are confidential.
Your name is not required but if you are seriously considering CCC we would ask that you enter your name so that we can reference your assessment in our call.
If you answer yes make sure to include your phone number.

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We welcome you to join Couples Coaching Couples.
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